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These Tips For Finding Professional Esthetician Training Program

On average, esthetician training programs such as professional aesthetics Phoenix take between six and 12 months to complete, depending on whether you want to earn a basic license or a master license through your state board of cosmetology. Remember that your top esthetician school choices should meet your state’s requirements when it comes to curriculum content and prepare you to sit for your state’s certification exam. read these tips for finding esthetician training program

#1. Esthetician Continuing Education

Not only is esthetician continuing education essential to staying current in the field but it’s also required for maintaining licensure. This process ensures that practitioners meet current standards for competency and professionalism in the industry. Throughout your career, you can expect to take advantage of esthetician continuing education to broaden your skills and expand your professional opportunities

#2. NCEA Esthetician Certification

The National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors and Associations (NCEA) is the esthetician certification standard set by American estheticians. Being NCEA certified means that you have a seal of approval on your esthetician education and makes you qualified for the spa or salon esthetician workplace. NCEA certification represents the highest skin care credential in the U.S.

Being NCEA certified helps prepare you for state esthetician licensing because the program includes the required course hours. All U.S. states and many areas of Canada require that estheticians have either a basic license or master license. The national average for course hours completed is 650 for a basic license.

#3. Master Licensing

Earning a master esthetician license involves the same extensive skin therapy training as a basic license, plus advanced coursework and hands-on practice in medical esthetician skills, including microdermabrasion, laser hair removal and laser skin therapy.

In addition to spas and salons, a master esthetician license qualifies you for positions in medi-spas and health care centers, working with dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other physicians to help treat patients dealing with a range of skin conditions or recovering from injuries or surgeries.

After you complete your advanced esthetician training, typically a minimum of 1200 to 1500 hours of coursework, you’ll need to pass a master licensing exam. Check with your state’s board of cosmetology for details and requirements. Renewing a master license usually involves the same process as renewing a basic one.

#4. Basic Licensing

To attain a basic esthetician license, you must complete a training program which includes courses in skin analysis, facial massage techniques and other skin care topics, and pass the basic licensing exam.

A basic esthetician license qualifies you for entry-level positions in spas and salons across the country. Through the experience you gain on the job, you’ll grow your client base and create numerous opportunities to achieve higher levels of responsibility and autonomy as you become a more seasoned esthetician.

The majority of states require a minimum of 600 course hours in order to earn a basic license, with some states requiring up to 750. Refer to your state’s board of cosmetology for details.

After you’ve earned your license, you’ll need to renew it on a regular basis. Renewals usually involve paying a fee and completing esthetician continuing education courses within a stated time period.

#5. Typical Esthetician Courses

Esthetician training program content will vary from school to school. However, top esthetician school programs will include training in these essential areas:

  • Skin care and massage
  • Facial treatments
  • Skin analysis
  • Salt glows
  • Body wraps
  • Aromatherapy
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Diseases and body systems
  • Safety, sanitation and hygiene practices
  • Professional ethics
  • Career development and business practices

Students interested in earning a master license in esthetics will complete additional course work in these areas:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peels
  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Advanced massage and facial treatments

#6. Esthetician Training Programs

The esthetician school you choose should match not only your professional interests but your personal ones. In the end, you should make a choice that balances practical aspects with your instincts about the school after you make a campus visit. After all, training is an investment in your future, so the best school should meet your standards and feel like a good choice that’s worth your time and money.

As you research, craft some questions to ask advisors, faculty and even current students when you visit campuses. Some questions you might ask include:

  • What’s the school curriculum?
  • What’s the level of experience of the school faculty?
  • What’s the total tuition cost?
  • What financial aid assistance is available for students?
  • How many hours of hands-on practice does the curriculum provide?
  • What sort of job placement services does the esthetician school offer?

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